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•10 Protools Workstations





•Icon Mix

We have seen all the video-colours of the world


2 Betacam SP 

3 Betacam IMX

1 Inch Machine

MTI for Video Restoration

Back up on LTO

• 10 Workstations for files Servicing

• 5 Editing rooms HD/SD


• 1 HD D5

• 15 Digital Betacam

During the video post-production we can say that we have seen all the colors of the world.

At the time of the tapes 3/4 Umatic., when it was on air with 24 copies simultaneously, Studio Emme used to combine and synchronize the 16mm, both film and magnetic, for Retequattro, ReteItalia, Telemontecarlo.

Later on, during the period of inches and full-frame, we equipped ourselves with video-recorders 3/4 and of an inch and we were among the first to have the digital Betacam. Advanced technologies, for those times.

Since 1998 we support SKY for the transition to 16:9. In 2000 Rai passed to the standard Betacam IMX and we followed that technical choice.

A continuously increase of experiences, methods and tools up to these days, characterized by the advent of high definition: in 2008 we were the first laboratory to have HDCAMSR to supply SKY with HD movies and in 2010 we assisted RTI in the HD start-up.

Studio Emme is a company based in Rome, dealing with audiovisual products and services for filmmaking, TV, cinema, digital and commercials.

With thirty years of artisan passion, we never stop using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, working for the most important majors in the world.

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